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CFR Roofing from South Wales have almost 42 years experience of the flat roofing industry and rightly consider themselves specialists in this field. Whether you need a completely new flat roof for a an industrial complex, a block of flats, garage or home extension, or repairs to an existing one, CFR Roofing will provide you with the highest possible level of professional service and workmanship.

Although flat roofs all tend to look the same, the quality of the materials used has an impact on both performance and longevity. Low quality roofing materials may only last a few years whilst higher quality materials can last up to 20 years, or even substantially more in some cases.

EPDM Rubber Waterproofing Membrane

This high quality flat roof covering has been proved to last for over 50 years and is guaranteed for 20 years, giving you peace of mind for quite a long time. Applied without the use of heat or flame, this modern alternative to the more traditional felt flat roof is quicker to install with a minimum period of disruption, and has an extremely long life.

So for a quality, speedy, "long-life" flat roofing material, EPDM is highly recommended.

Single Ply Waterproofing Membrane

Another high quality flat roofing material is Single Ply Waterproofing Membrane, which is also applied without heat and is quicker to install than felt roofing. Lasting for well over 20 years and also guaranteed for 20, this is the choice of many for replacing flat roofs of all types, including garage roofs, outhouses and home extensions.

All flat roof waterproofing membranes are extremely durable, long lasting and weather resistant, able to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, plus an unrivalled elasticity which can cope with the normal expansion and contraction movements of buildings and building materials without splitting.

Traditional Felt Roofing

CFR also specialise in the installation of the more traditional high performance felt roofing for flat roofs, which is applied using heat and flame. All CFR felt roofs are built to the highest standards using superior performance felt and can be finished in the colour of your choice.

Commercial & Industrial Roofing

All of the roof coverings above are also used extensively for flat-roofed commercial and industrial properties, with EPDM being the number one choice. Providing 40+ years of life, EPDM is a cost effective solution and is highly recommended as a high performance and long lasting replacement for most industrial and commercial flat-roofed properties.

When replacing the roofing membrane, it is also a good time to consider adding or improving the roof insulation, as this will have a long term beneficial effect on energy costs. Adding roof lights or light tunnels will substantially improve natural light & reduce the reliance on electric lighting, which will also have a positive effect on energy costs.

Traditional garage flat roof covered with an EPDM waterproofing membrane EPDM flat roof membrane used for double-garage roof Flat roof home extension with a new long lasting EPDM weatherproof membrane This EPDM flat roof covering merges seamlessly with the original pitched roof tiles

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